an API between SWI-Prolog and the Java Virtual Machine - hosted on GitHub

Release Notes - 7.5.0

  • Implementation of Iterator interface in Query to match Java Iterator standard.
    • Pointer to next solution is advanced only via next() and nextSolution(), but not on hasNext() or hasMoreSolutions().
  • Deprecated Query.getSolution()
  • Revert complex quoting of atoms for Atom and Compound.
  • Added standalong JUnit test cases in src/java/test/standalone


  • Removed reference to deprecated methods that yielded warnings at compile time.
  • Renamed Query.get1() and Query.get2()

Versions up to 7.4

  • Complete overhawl from version 3.x
  • Check release notes for 7.4.0.
  • Check release notes for 7.0.1.

Versions 3.x